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Black Survival: Eternal Return

Fend for yourself and defeat other survivors in unique and exciting top-down Survival Battle Royale gameplay.

Become your favorite character and outlast your opponents by combining your wits and strategy with searching and item crafting to become the ultimate survivor.

Find out more about how you can support the game below!

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about the project

"Nimble Neuron formed a small dedicated group of developers to create a different kind of game first. Different from other MOBA or MOBA-like battle royales, our focus was to convey the essence of fun from the MOBA genre. We started this project to create a 'survival game' with an importance on planning/operating 'character growth strategies' in interactions with various environmental factors. Pursuing and keeping this initial mission in mind, we will keep working hard to provide a unique 3D Survival PVP game for our players."

-Kim Nam Seok, CEO, Nimble Neuron.

Become a BS:ER backer!

Give us your support by backing the game.

End of Despair Pack

+ Character Starter Pack

(the pack includes 8 characters in addition to the basic ones)

+ Your name displayed in the Founder section of the game credits

+ Special Founder Discord Role

Early Bird offer - 70% discount,

just for our dear backers!


How to back the game ?

  1. Click on the "pre-order" button located below the pack.
  2. Enter the email address used for your Steam account. Make sure it's the right email address!
  3. Click on "Confirm".
  4. Choose your payment method between all the options presented.
  5. Review the payment information.
  6. Enter your information according to the option you chose.
  7. Click on "Pay now".
  8. You successfully backed Black Survival: Eternal Return! Thank you for your support.
  9. A receipt will be sent to the email address you entered.

If you still have problems with purchasing the pack, send us an email at

How can I receive my Founder's role?


First, you need to be on our Discord server. You can join by clicking on the link here:

After joining, follow these simple steps:

  • Send a DM (direct/private message) to our FounderBot containing only the following command: !founder.
  • Enter your 9 digit transaction ID in the direct message.

(Your transaction ID can be found on your receipt from Xsolla. This may take a couple seconds!)

  • Finished! The bot will assign the role and tell you, so return to the BS:ER server and confirm that you've received the role.

Make sure you have Direct Messaging enabled in your settings! If you don't have DMs enabled, the bot can't message you!

If you make a mistake or you see an error, please try to enter ONLY the !founder command again.

New Player's Guide


Check out the "How to play" guide (click on the c key to turn on the subtitles and follow instructions) ➡️

Go to the Gamepedia to check each character's skills and item recipes and start planning your strategy before getting into a match!

 The 5th Alpha is almost here

2nd test weekend: March 27th - 6pm to March 29th - 6pm (PDT)

3rd test weekend: April 3rd - 3pm to

April 5th - 6pm (PDT)

Come join our Official Discord Community to get more information on how to participate for our next Alpha test.

Hope you join to help us create an amazing game with our awesome community!

Join our community and find out more about BS:ER Development

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Go to BS:ER's Gamepedia: Click here

What is Black Suvival(2D) ? 

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